About Us

Gillow is a blockchain-based, data-centric platform that provides trades, market places, full services, and data collecting, analysis and reporting for color gemstones. The business is established by two founding members Blacktree or its related company and Chinastone or its related company in Thailand. While Blacktree has experience in finance and information technology, Chinastone is an expert in trading gemstones in Thailand and worldwide. The joint venture of two companies will cover each other to build a comprehensive business.

  • Blacktree

Established in 2016, Blacktree is a venture capital and private equity fund that manages both USD and RMD funds. Blacktree invests with a long-term horizon with a focus on deep tech, high growth companies in technology, media, and telecom (TMT) and other sectors. With its operational offices located in Singapore, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, and Dublin, Blacktree accesses to global investment opportunities and network. Given its strengths in finance, technology, and global network, Blacktree is a right partner to scale Gillow at a global level.

  • Chinastone

Founded in 1996, Chinastone is a Thai company providing precious machine-cut natural gemstones for fine jewelry and watch industries. Chinastone has facilities in Thailand and China as well as a global network of authorized dealers. At present, the company holds over 10 million stones in stock, sorted from 0.8mm to 3.00mm range, and graded to over 400 pantone matching colors. In general, the business model of Chinastone mainly focuses on Business-to-Business (B2B). It has achieved the Best in Class Award in the B2B category by the Interactive Media Council. Given its seasoned experience and solid background, Chinastone is a suitable partner to develop an E-marketplace for trading gemstones.